DISCLAIMER. I would like to thank the newspapers that have covered the Walter Masocha story as they have helped raise awareness of abuse happening in some churches which has been going unreported. However, I have not given any national newspapers the right to waiver my anonymity as a victim of Walter Masocha. This is a personal blog and its within my legal rights to express myself here. According to the law my identity is protected in the media. At this stage, I do not wish to be named in any Scottish or English National Papers. Any newspapers that will name me/ or have already done so have done this without my permission or consent. Any newspapers which have published my picture have done so without my consent. I do not wish to have my pictures published in any Scottish or English newspapers. I ask the media , which I greatly respect for their support in this case in covering the story to respect my right to anonymity as a victim and not name me in any newspapers unless I sign a consent form and agree to do so. I am not ready to be named and I want to use the protection I am granted by law at this time. Thank you.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Today as Walter Masocha made headlines in Scotland for demanding a hefty salary as a self styled prophet of Agape Church, I would like to remind my readers of  the luxurious lifestyle this man and his children enjoyed during his 7 year reign as the Archbishop of Agape. So Agape collected at total of 4 million pounds over a four year period...and the money is not accounted for. The question the world is asking is where did the 4 million go? Well, maybe I may just have an idea...Lets have a look shall we? 

Oh, before we do I will boldly say this today, Walter Masocha, his second wife Judith, his son Tafadzwa and his step daughters Sandra and Sharon lived a life that most Britons can only imagine and dream off. Even hard working doctors in the United Kingdom can not afford the luxurious lifestyle that Walter Masocha and his family enjoyed, and the ironic thing is he never worked a penny for the millions he enjoyed. It was money from hard working single mothers, illegal immigrants who are working in United Kingdom without permission, and even money from compensation from people who lost loved ones through hospital negligence. This man lived a life of luxury from the blood and sweat of vulnerable people. 

Yet Agape Charity Trustee Duncan Duggal has the nerve to say boldly to the Scottish Media that people were jealous of Walter Masocha's success! Bloody hell! I don't mean to be unkind to the fella, but  purizzz (in my African accent) I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the sound of patheticism, should I say.  I don't know what Mr Duggal's definition of success is, where I come from success is actually defined as a result of your hard work. If I remember correctly  from my time in Agape all Walter Masocha did was give false prophecies, talk about sex on the pulpit, diss his own pastors, cry and wail, demonstrate ritual killings, cause divisions and fighting among his own flock, give people his sweaty dirty handkerchiefs, grop women and girls, go on holidays, eat food from Waitrose, get massaged semi naked by women and girls, make the women jealous and literally fight for his attention, wear tailor made suits, make people eat his left over food, I mean the bizarre list goes on and on. Does that sound like hard work that deserves the same salary as the Archbishop of Canterbury? I let you be the judge of that. 

Now as I said before the whole world is asking, where did the 4 Million go? Lets take a little look at the possibilities shall we?

The Son in the States Living the American Dream 

Tafadzwa recently pictured in Los Angels living the dream and envy of most youngsters
Tafadzwa posing recently at University of Southern Indiana with two Zimbabwean girls. 

Designer sunglasses 
TT posing with American gospel singer Tiffany Bynoe 

His name is Tafadzwa, but he is known to his family and friends as TT. He is the youngest son of the former sex Prophet Walter Masocha. Whilst in the UK the boy drives a convertible Mercedes and wears designer gear.  He now resides in United States of America where he is studying business management at the University of Southern Indiana. He had previously been stydying Architecture in Scotland but took a gap year . It is alleged that Walter Masocha is paying for his tuition fees and we all know where the money is coming from, don't we? I believe as innocent as this boy might be, he is living off the hard earned money of innocent vulnerable people, which is in fact, blood money. 

The Cosyneuk Mansion...

Walter Masocha bought this former water pumping station and renovated it into a rather impressive mansion. It has 8 bedrooms, 5 modern large bathrooms, 2 dressing rooms, "prayer room"sigh, marble kitchen, games room, large fish tank, office (sadly, where most sexual assault took place) and a green house outside and grounds of approximately 1.5 acres of land. 

On my 30th Birthday in Cosyneuk mansion with the former Prophet

On her wedding day, inside one of the stepdaughters spacious bedroom, as you can see the bedrooms were decorated and furnished to a very high standard...

The Holidays

His favourite holiday destinations were Spain and Greece. He flew there whenever he felt like it, and the church paid for the holidays. He also flew to Canada, America, Africa, Macedonia and other countries as if he was taking a trip to the wash room, it was that simple and easy for him. He also travelled with his entourage (bodyguards, cooks, masseuse, etc) all at the expense of the church.   
His stepdaughters also enjoyed luxury 5 star holidays frequently where they were often pictured swimming with the dolphins in the Indian and pacific oceans. The lifestyle the Masocha girls enjoyed is a far contrast to the majority of the church members, who live in run down council houses and could not afford basic food and clothing. Please bear in mind most church members are illegal immigrants who are not able to go on holidays abroad, however most church members still can not even afford a holiday in Wales in a Caravan never mind abroad.  

Stepdaughter Sharon living the life on holiday
The stepdaughters enjoying champagne in a limousine on a birthday celebration in London 
Stepdaughter Sandra and husband Geoffrey on a five star holiday in Cancan Mexico paid for by Church member Jessie Dekeza using the money from hospital compensation after her mother in law died of hospital negligence. 

Walter Masocha in Macedonia with a few "elite members" on a church holidays organised by church member Faith Nechironga

The Wedding...

Stepdaughter Sandra's wedding cost over 30 000 pounds courtesy of the church. Most church members were urged to contribute towards the wedding because, "Daddy had sacrificed so much for Agape children, so it was time to give back". Apparently Walter Masocha turned down a 6 figure sum job from the United Nations to follow the call of God. However this has been proved to be white little lies from the former prophet as there is no evidence there was ever a job offer. However the saddest part of the Agape sponsored wedding was most church members who contributed towards the wedding were not invited because they were the lower class citizens of the church, only the cream of Agape was invited. 

The tailor made suits, Eyptian cotton sheets, 5 star apartments and Waitrose only organic food and cuisine 

His suits were either tailor made or over £800 each. I remember one illegal immigrant Admire testifying that he was so poor he had no clothes but shabby Agape overalls. We also know of Agape church members who picked clothes from rubbish bins, sad really. Yet Walter Masocha vowed not to wear any suit which cost less than £800, which is the monthly salary of most of his struggling church members. 

As strange as his choice of apparel was, his clothing was in fact very expensive...

Walter Masocha also only ate a special diet with a selection of choice organic foods from Waitrose. His food was only prepared by specially trained church members cuisine style. Church members used to fight and scramble for his left over food so that God would bless them. People drank his left over tea (yuck) and ate his food using his fork and spoon (gross), talk about health hazards and infection control, or rather the lack of it in this case. 
Walter Masocha also demanded Egyptian cotton sheets and towels. Church members used to fight (literally) for buying him expensive linen even though they themselves could not afford Egyptian cotton for their own beds. When he travelled across the country "doing God's work" he only stayed in luxury 5 star apartments and was chauffeur driven.

In Other News

Judith Masocha is now officially the head of Agape Church as her husband Walter Masocha awaits sentencing on 16 June 2015. She took her position yesterday at an Agape wedding by officiating the wedding as a marriage officer.

Lindiwe and Thando's wedding was officiated by Judith Masocha on May 23, as Walter Masocha watched. Judith Mascha is known as "Prophetess" and receives a salary of £40 000 a year from peoples donations even though she has no qualification as a Bishop. She did confess at Falkirk Sherrif Court that she was called the Prophetess because a man from America told her and because she was married to the Prophet. 

Staff Nurse Yvonne Gayakaya and Tsitsi Chikowore at the Agape wedding. After I was evicted and lost my home, Yvonne Gayakaya is the one who wrote on Facebook mocking me that I was homelesss with no money and all I did was blog. Yvonne also urged the paramedics to section me during an Agape Church service in Wigan as she said she had done a "full mental health assessment on me"

Mental Health Nurse Gertrude Musuka (right) posing at an Agape wedding on Saturday 23 May. Gertrude is the woman who called the ambulance and told the paramedics I was "poor" and that my kitchen cupboards had no food and that I needed to be locked up. 

South African gospel singer Sis Maneli (middle) at the Agape wedding with Tandi Kahari Ariberito, ( left) the woman who is pictured among the Daddy's Dancing Girls worshipping Walter Masocha below. 

Tandi Kahari Ariberito seen here worshipping sex pervert Walter Masocha. 

In Other Other News...

Walter Masocha continues to make headlines in his country of origin Zimbabwe. His mother known as Gogo Agape and Judith Masocha's mother are said to be distraught because Walter Masocha was in fact the breadwinner of the extended family. 
A Zimbabean newspaper featuring the shamed prophet in "Diaspora News". 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


  • Sherrif Kenneth McGowan deferred sentencing to 16 June 2015 at 2pm
  • Request by defence for social work reports to be made available 
  • Walter Masocha now charged with another sexual offence
  • More women across the country continue to make formal reports of sexual abuse to police
  • Walter Masocha now officially the black Jimmy Saville or maybe a Jim Jones in the making
  • Walter Masocha now on the sex offender register
  • Committed cult members continue to show support to the registered sex offender
  • The fallen Archbishop to officiate two arranged weddings before sentencing

When I received the news this morning that the sentencing had been postponed to June 16 2015, I just saw the bigger picture of this unfolding never ending story. My analysis was confirmed by one Key Board Warrior who said, " Its funny Walter Masocha would be sentenced the same day he claimed to have received the vision". You see June is a "special month" in the fallen kingdom of Agape. Walter Masocha claims to have heard the audible voice of God on 16 June 2007 at Saint Andrews in Balcomie Links Hotel telling him to start a church and deliver people from suffering. Walter Masocha even claimed the staff at the hotel could confirm this divine visitation because he left a visible tear-drop in-between the double glazed window in room number 12. He also claimed he left the carpet soiled from crying for 24 hours non stop and the hotel had to put new carpets in room number 12. In contrast to Walter Masocha's version of events,  staff members at Balcomie Links Hotel last month denied knowing anything to do with any "divine visitation" and refuse to be associated with the shamed sex offender. For me, I think its absolutely ironic that Walter Masocha will be sentenced the exact same day he claims God spoke to him! Is this God's way of saying, "depart from me Walter, you worker of iniquity! I never spoke to you! I never knew you!"

All I know is this is just the beginning of the horror story, more charges are coming. Women are being bold enough to report sexual assault. Sherrif McGowan said jail term was inevitable, meaning "unavoidable". Walter Masocha is now on sex offender register. He can officiate the two arranged marriages/weddings coming up, I look forward to the pictures (which I know I will get exclusively from some invited members) of a former Archbishop sex offender/paedophile officiating weddings in the UK, that will certainly help in my presentation and campaign for JAW that I believe I will show the Prime Minister David Cameron one day. I believe we officially have the BLACK JIMMY SAVILE in the United Kingdom. 


Did I ever tell you my dear readers, that once upon a time, in another dimension Walter Masocha cried and said to me, "Jean, waparadza imba yangu. Oh Jean waparadza imba yangu kani. You think you are so beautiful. You think you are as beautiful as Beyonce. You will never be as famous as Beyonce!" He wept bitterly as his body guards led him away...."Just leave her Daddy", they told him.

This morning I headed for the salon, I was feeling ambitious and optimistic! I knew it was time for CHANGE. I wanted a bold Afro retro look. You know me I am all things afro! I am growing my natural hair to lock it, so in the meantime I am being adventurous with my hair. So this morning I tried a few things hey, but blonde was the last thing on my mind! But the lady suggested it, and she said, "Afro look suits you well and its your trademark, but its also good to go outside the box. Blonde makes you look feisty and young! It makes you look almost like a teenager!" So lo and behold, the feisty almost teen in me was unleashed. I started taking selfies in the salon,  then behold I was reminded of the "you think you are as beautiful as Beyonce" moment...Well I may not be as beautiful or rather as plain as Beyonce, but I most definitely have one thing in common with this woman, she wrote the song SURVIVOR, I simply lived it. For me right now, the blond Beyonce look is rather ironic, and a bold statement for such a time as this...and yes Nino thinks its just beautiful too! 

Anyway enough about my blond ambition.  In other news I continue receiving threatening messages from an Agape church member calling himself Micheal Musonza. He claims to know me personally and is claiming he is going to start a blog imminently to publish a 300 page book I am supposed to have written in order to show the world the "real Jean". He is also saying he has my emails which are now circulating in Agape Church. He is also claiming to be "following me" and "stalking me everywhere I go" even mentioning the hair salon I got my hair done in. He is also mentioning that he is going to take the "300 page book " to the courts and police. Below is one of the massages he sent me...

"One thing that l will say and will say it boldly with our heads held high the same way my father and mother walked out of court yesterday. Children on Agape have been warned that dad is going to prison. However those who are there in Agape are strong and as for me , my mother and father we will remain in this vision. If Walter Masocha is guilty so is Jean. How l thank this God that the church has read the book written by this woman. People now know your lies my dear , you have manage dto lie to the courts. You know Jean the reason why we are still supporting this man you know your dark secrets that are in the closet. I thought you are a transparent writer tell your readers , the faked pregnancy , the previous blog , the rat killer, husband beating , wanting to kill brother in zimbabwe. Go on tell the world. AGAPE OH YEAH KUNYANGWE NDIRO YOSHANDUKA KUITA POTO I WILL PRAISE MY GOD IN AGAPE WHILST WALTER MASOCHA IS IN PRISON AND THE GOOD THINK ACHABUDA MUJERI SHA THE MAXIMUM THAT A SHERIFF LIKE MCGOWAN CAN GIVE IS 5YEARS SO DARLING 5YEARS HE WILL BE OUT AND WE SHALL SEE WHERE YOU WILL BE JEAN.WATCH THE SPACE 


Meanwhile an Agape insider has confessed about the identity of the person called Micheal Musonza. Below is the confession and some of the information written online by Micheal Musonza. 

"I am a young member in the musicians department, it is now very disturbing the way Agape Church is doing, I am in total disagreement with the way they did about the so called COUNTER JEAN AGAPE BLOG, it was out of order and out of character for a church with Board of Trustees and Board Mbrs. Our attention and focus is no longer that of praising and worshipping God a Big NO!!
The Michael Musonza issue to be honest it was initiated by Alois Zunguza, Shingi and Richard Shoniwa, yes I heard them talking about it when we were laying cables in one of the church hired venues. Shingi's duty was to provide data/information, photos of Jean and Jean family, then Charles Chademana and Alois Zunguza & Richard Shoniwa were there to execute. There is no person called Michael Musonza. "

In other other news all members of Agape throughout the country (yes there is still a remnant) gathered in Stirling last weekend for a special get together in support of registered sex offender Walter Masocha. 

Walter Masocha during his glory days in South Africa

Staff Nurses Gertrude Musuka and Patricia Musuka at an Agape function last month,  continue to stand by sex offender Walter Masocha

Sunday, 17 May 2015



  • Walter Masocha charged with another sexual offence as former cult members reveal disturbing chilling revelations 
  • UK Politicians call for an enquiry into how Walter Masocha spent the millions the church received through donations and tithes as he enjoyed a lifestyle of luxury
  • Pictures of Walter Masocha with a knife telling a young girl to lie down in a sermon demonstration of sacrificial ritual killing 
  • Sermon demonstrate how Scott Chiriseri was killed by his mother in "ritual killing"
  • Ex Agape cult members reveal shocking bizarre revelations about a python (used for vodoo) kept by former Archbishop Walter Masocha in his "secret chambers"
  • Special anointing "python oil" used by female church members to massage Walter Masocha's semi naked body
  •  Shocking bizarre revelations that the three step daughters of the former disgraced Archbishop are part of the "satanic" cult (with one of the daughters said to be in possession of a python)
BREAKING NEWS: I can confirm that Walter Masocha has been charged with another sexual offence.  Last night a police spokesperson said, " We can confirm a 51 year old has been charged with a historic sexual offence. The Procurator in Stirling has received a report concerning a 51 year old man in connection with incidents said to have occurred between January 2008 and December 2010.  The case is now under consideration by the fiscal. 

It is a story that has gripped both the secular and Christian world. Today as the whole world waits in suspense and anticipation for the sentencing of Walter Masocha on Tuesday 19 May 2015, he is charged with yet another sexual offence and his supporters do not seem to be phased by what is happening around them. It is the last Sunday before the sentencing of sex offender Walter Masocha, but across the United Kingdom today committed members of Agape church continued as though everything is normal and vowed to stand by their shamed leader whom they believe has been "framed" by you know who, yours truly. They continue praying and fasting for Walter Masocha, believing that somehow "everything is just going to go away". Among the supporters of Walter Masocha is South African Gospel singer Maneli Hawley known in the UK as Sis Maneli.  It does appear the shamed former Archbishop still has committed followers in the UK who are openly going public in their support, most of which are health professionals, (nurses, doctors and support workers). His supporters are vowing to "continue the work of God" in the UK and carrying on from where Walter Masocha "left"  with theatre Nurse Edna Mutoti Guvheya reportedly sleeping and camping at a building Agape church is reported to have recently purchased in Nottingham. Meanwhile UK politicians have called for an enquiry into how Walter Masocha spent the millions the church received through tithes and donations. 
Maneli Hawley hosting a UK radio show last month holding a 2015 booklet by sex offender Walter Masocha

However in new shocking revelations, former female members who wishes to remain anonymous have opened up exclusively to HE WAS MY DADDY that they were made to go into a dark room with a woman named Tabetha Enock to be groomed to give Walter Masocha "sexual massages" with a special oil kept in a tiny bottle. Walter Masocha would be lying on a bed semi naked in a very provoking undignified way whilst his wife Judith Lewis sits on a chair. Judith then takes a small bottle of "python oil" and hands it to the women saying "this is a very special oil used to rub the Man of God". The women are then told to "massage" the Prophet in which he would say, "Don't be shy my daughters, lift the members of Daddy's body " referring to his genitals. This ritual is performed every Sunday before Walter Masocha goes to preach on the pulpit. Shocking things happening in modern Britain today. 


I can exclusively reveal that in the past week I have received numerous phone calls from former cult members (females) revealing how they have been tormented by dreams of a "python" attacking them. Former cult members strongly believe the dreams are in connection with "witchcraft" and an alleged "snake" owned by Walter Masocha. A number of eye witnesses report to have seen the snake in Africa when travelling with Walter Masocha on "missions". I can reveal that Walter Masocha repeatedly preached about a python he dealt with especially in Zambia (Kabwe). DVD to follow on You Tube. In a diabolical twist, during the week of the trail in April 2015, a committed member of Agape Church by the name Ruth Madanhi started to confess during prayer meetings that....
  • One of the stepdaughters Sandra Masocha is in possession of a python used for rituals and human sacrifices
  • The cult Agape is in alliance with Satanism and has connections in Nigeria where they get powers from the "underwater world" called "marine spirits" to put members into a spell of worshiping Walter Masocha and "freely giving all their hard earned cash to the preacher" 
  • Judith Masocha keeps a bottle of "python oils" used for rituals
In other revelations exclusively to HE WAS MY DADDY BLOG last week, another former cult member in South Africa by the name Tandy revealed that Walter Masocha sought his powers from a South African Sangoma to start his church. 

Walter Masocha in South Africa in a hut with an alleged Sangoma

Step daughter Sandra Masocha who was disciplined last year by Forth Valley College Scotland for plagiarism is alleged to be in possession of a python used for ritual killings



On 12/12/ 2012 Walter Masocha openly taught his congregation that a true member of Agape Church should be willing to die as a sacrifice for the church. He taught his members that "dying" for the church was only reserved to committed church members and those who were not willing to die were not true children of Agape. A number of strange unexplained deaths had suddenly occurred prior to the "ritual killing teaching" Now former cult members are revealing that the cult is heavily involved in witchcraft and vodoo that demands blood human sacrifices that "draws church members to be under a spell to worship the former Archbishop and give him all their hard earned money". Last week one former cult member told me Walter Masocha used witchcraft to "steal peoples blessings and gave them his sweaty handkerchiefs as bad luck" . Apparently when he "laid his hands" on church members he would "steal their blessings" and give them "bad luck" instead. She said it explains why most of the cult members are living in extreme poverty to the point of children stealing food from Asda shops due to hunger. 

Walter Masocha holding a knife demonstrating ritual killing

Walter Masocha telling young girl Mwanza to lie down on logs as he held a knife over her in a sermon demonstration of honour killing 

Little Scott Chiriseri died in a similar horrific way demonstrated here by Walter Masocha 


In a bizarre twist, last weekend church members gathered to celebrate Sharon Masocha's arranged marriage however insiders have revealed this was a ritual in which youngest step daughter Sharon was crowned and aligned to carry on the shameful legacy of Walter Masocha after the sentencing on Tuesday. Insiders reveal the three step daughters are up every night at 4am to perform rituals in connection with what ex cult members describe as "marine spirits". This was proved by step daughter Sharon Masocha posting a Facebook post at exactly 4am celebrating the weekend ritual. 

 Gertrude Musuka, (left) the mental health nurse who called the ambulance on me continues to vow that she will support paedophile Walter Masocha and the satanic cult despite her job as a nurse being at risk. 

Sharon Masocha celebrates her arranged marriage last weekend and alleged new alliance as elite member into the cult. 

Beauty Gochera (middle) sister of Judith Masocha posing at a recent Agape 
gathering with Sandra Masocha (right)


Watch the sentencing of Walter Masocha live on Zimbo Live TV at Falkirk Sheriff Court Scotland on Tuesday 19 May 2015. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Deputy Mayor of Milton Keynes to attend Victim No More Empowerment Conference!

Milton Keynes Deputy Mayor: Councillor Keith McLean 

My dear readers, I am pleased to announce that the Deputy Mayor of Milton Keynes, Councillor Keith Mclean will attend the launch of JAW (Just A Woman) Charity on 30 May 2015. I am greatly humbled that the Deputy Mayor will grace this event with his presence.  I hope to share the Vision I have for JAW before the Deputy Mayor of the Conservative party. One of my visions is to have a law put into place that protects vulnerable adults (mainly struggling immigrants) from self styled religious leaders. I am so honoured to have the Deputy Mayor attend my event. I know change is coming to the United Kingdom starting with the beautiful town of Milton Keynes! 


My dear readers, may I unveil to you the logo for JAW! The colours are orange, black and green. Orange is my favourite colour, it represents change, boldness and vibrancy. Black is representing the woman of colour, the suffering she is subjected to, the way she is misunderstood and mistreated, often humiliated and stigmatized. Black is also representing her inner strength to fight injustice. Green is representing a new life, new beginning and that the woman once abused is now a Victim No More! She is a JAW bone! Fierce and ready to be the woman God created her to be, yes to be JUST A WOMAN...

JAW logo exclusively designed by SABSPDMEDIA djsabspd@gmail.com

Why All Roads Leads To Milton Keynes On 30 May!

As I prepare to host this all important event on 30 May, it was a glorious day in Milton Keynes today! I can say I have officially fallen in love with this town. So let me tell you a little bit about it! It is spacious, modern and full of nature. It is just outside of London yet it has a country feel and quietness that oozes peace and relaxation. It has one of the biggest shopping malls in United Kingdom, which gives as good as it gets, as a fashion lover myself, I get everything I need in one place! It has beautiful lakes and breathtaking sceneries, as an exercise freak, I love jogging and working outdoors, and Milton Keynes just makes working out enjoyable for me! It is the UK's entertainment capital hosting the biggest live international concerts in the country. It is one of the most multicultural towns in England boasting a vibrant culture. It has modern architecture and it almost gives an aroma of new life! Milton Keynes was a place of healing and moving on for me!  For that reason I am encouraging former victims of convicted sex offender Walter Masocha to come to Milton Keynes to experience healing and empowerment.

I just love Milton Keynes! This beautiful town has been my healing sanctuary....

So come 30 May 2015 all roads will certainly lead to Milton Keynes for empowerment, healing and moving on! 

Entrance to this event will be strictly according to registration. Register your names at jeangasho@gmail.com. Registration FREE. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


The venue has been booked! The power speakers confirmed! The performers ready to grace the event with their raw and unique talent! The survivors ready to speak! Its the VICTIM NO MORE EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE and launch of  (JAW) JUST A WOMAN charity! Its going to be a day like no other. Life changing and empowering! Entry is free, however you need to send your name to jeangasho@gmail.com to confirm attendance as seats are limited! Entrance to event will be according to registration. 



She is African Royalty! An amazing woman! She supported me all the way. I have learnt a lot from this amazing woman. She will be the best MC ever! 
HRH Princess Deun 



I met Nicholas at Miss Commonwealth 2014 where I was a contestant representing Zimbabwe and he was a judge. An award winning international business entreprenuer, Nicholas will motivate survivors on how to be a masters of their own destiny! His speech will change the mind and direction of many former victims who were made to believe that they will never achieve success in life! 

With Nicholas J Reynolds at his birthday celebrations last weekend! 


Oh what can I say about Pauline Long! An epitome of the powerful black woman!  I learn from this woman all the time. I was blessed to finally meet her at the BEFFTA awards, where I presented her with a portrait I drew of her as my appreciation for her support for my cause. Pauline will motivate and inspire former victims to move forward in confidence and power!

With Pauline Long at the BEFFTA AWARDS


I love this woman! I honour her. She took the heat for me! She was called all sorts of names for my sake. But she never stopped supporting me! Her resilience and perseverance taught me so much about fighting for justice. To me she is the true epitome of COURAGE. She taught me that to be a human rights activist, you will be persecuted. She will empower former victims on how to persevere no matter what challenges you face in life! 

Muzvare Betty Makoni, a woman of COURAGE



I first saw Cynthia Gentle on Come Dine With Me, one of my favourite cooking shows. Her larger than life personality blew me away. In the fullness of time, God connected me with this amazing woman, and lo and behold I found out she was one of the most talented musicians I know. Her voice is soothing and just beautiful. She has just launched her debut album Ndega. I know she will bring a healing touch to former victims with her soothing GENTLE voice. 

A picture of talent: Beautiful Cynthia Gentle


One of the most talented men I have ever known! I first met Nino at the BEFFTA awards 2014 where he was performing. So powerful was his live performance it touched my very soul and my eyes welled up. According to research listening to opera music is therapeutic and has a healing effect to the mind. His unique voice will bring a calming effect greatly needed for victims to heal. 

Nino performing at the BEFFTA AWARDS 2014


Oh I love this pretty petal. She performed at the 1 March Victim No More Event and she brought healing into my soul. She is a rising superstar, a model and a beautiful soul. Monalisa will open the event with her beautiful voice, empowering former victims with her graceful presence and powerful song, I AM FREE TONIGHT....

The young and beautiful Monalisa



A powerful woman in her own right. She bravely spoke out about how a well known international pastor abused her. I remember reading her story a few days after I went to report former Archbishop Walter Masocha to the police. Her story gave me courage! Ese Walter now a wife and mother, (oh how the Lord honoured her) will grace the event with a special contribution! She will empower women never to be embarrassed to speak out about church abuse! 

Ese Walter on her wedding day with husband Benny Ark, Nigerian Radio Personality



A powerful woman with a touching story. Her story will change lives and perception on many subjects considered taboo


Lucky to be alive! Survivor of church abuse and horrific domestic violence. His bravery will empower men not to be ashamed to speak out about domestic violence


A man full of life and positivity! Even though he is a former church abuse victim, his sense of humour and positive outlook towards life will teach former victims that happiness is a journey not a destination. He will sure bring a hint of laughter that we all need in order to heal....

A charity organisation founded by Jean Gasho that aims to empower and help women who have suffered clergy sexual abuse, mental health abuse, domestic abuse , public humiliation and other life threatening abuses affecting women today. 

Last weekend I was blessed beyond measure at Nicholas's birthday celebrations. I met this amazing couple who encouraged me in the Lord and I felt total healing from everything from my past. 

So my dear readers, all roads now lead to MILTON KEYNES on 30 May 2015! Remember to register and book your seats! Places are limited. It will be a day that will transform your lives. We are VICTIMS NO MORE!  I look forward to see every Keyboard Warrior and Team Jean fan there! Yes and that includes you Moses, then you can prove that you are not Nino, lol